I am a runner


I am a runner.  I haven’t always been a runner, but in the last few years I have enjoyed running more and more.  I have found that as I get older, it’s easy to keep in shape and eat the desserts I love if I exercise.  The easiest way to exercise with a busy work schedule is to literally run out the door of my house.  It’s a little tougher for me in the wintertime as I’m confined to the treadmill or running in the cold and often on snow and ice.boston marathon

Running fits just fine into my family life as I can go early in the morning and it doesn’t interfere with my kid’s hectic schedules.  I guess you can say that I’m addicted now, but there are plenty worse things to be addicted to.  I love it and I have made new friends running.  I enjoy spending time with these friends on our early morning runs.

Boston Marathon

Without realizing it, I continued to get stronger and faster.  Over the years I had run many half marathons.  I finally decided to run my first marathon 3 years ago and I since have qualified for the Boston marathon.

Running a marathon is a much about mental toughness as it is about physical capabilities.  No matter how prepared your body is for the race, you need to keep your brain from wanting to quit when you start to hurt.

The Boston marathon is the premier marathon and requires all runners to qualify to be able to participate.  Some people try all their lives to get in.  Qualifying for the Boston marathon is a source of personal pride.  I have run the race in 2015 and 2016.The energy there is intoxicating.  Everyone is so happy to be there and is so open to sharing their experiences.  The personal stories are incredible.

Alaina Kronenberg, M.D.
Cataract Specialist
Comprehensive Ophthalmologist
Dearborn, Michigan 48126

What is a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

What is a Comprehensive Eye Examination?

You may wonder what is the difference between a comprehensive eye exam and an exam for prescription eyeglasses?  When I go to get a prescription for new eyeglasses did I have a comprehensive eye examination?

A full eye examination starts with the doctor checking your vision.  Then, the doctor will perform a refraction.  This is when the eye doctor tries to see how good you can see with eyeglasses.  The eye doctor wants to know how good you can see with a pair of eyeglasses.  An eyeglasses examination may often end now.

Comprehensive Eye Examcomprehensive eye examination

A comprehensive eye examination includes many other aspects to check the health of your eyes.  Diseases of the eye such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration (ARMD) will not be detected on a glasses examination.

A comprehensive eye examination includes a eye pressure check to assess for glaucoma, a slit lamp examination as well as dilation of the pupils.  Dilating the  pupils allows the doctor to again check for glaucoma, to check for cataracts, macular degeneration (ARMD) as well as many other diseases of the eye.  Many cases of glaucoma can be missed if the pupils are not dilated.  An eye examination can take an hour or more.

It is especially important to have a dilated eye examination if you have diabetes or a family history of eye diseases.  Many causes of preventable blindness have no symptoms, especially at the early stages.  Depending on your age, recommendations for complete eye examinations vary, but many of our patients are seen on an annual basis.  We all want to see for the rest of our life!

Board Certified Ophthalmologist

A board certified ophthalmologist will typically perform a comprehensive eye examination to make sure your eyes are healthy.  If any diseases of the eye are suspected, they may decide that further in depth testing is indicated.  This testing can help the doctor determine the severity of the disease and if any treatments are indicated.  The doctor will let you know how often follow up evaluations are indicated.

Alaina Kronenberg, M.D.
Cataract Specialist
Comprehensive Ophthalmologist
Dearborn, Michigan 48126

How to Choose the Best Eye Doctor

How to choose the best eye doctor for me?best eye doctor |ophthalmologist|Alaina Kronenberg MD

Different patients have many different reasons for choosing an eye doctor.  How do you know who is the best eye doctor for you?  Things to consider are the doctor’s experience in treating the conditions you have or are concerned about.  It is important to review the eye doctor’s credentials.  Are they a board certified eye doctor?  Are they an ophthalmologist (medical doctor) or an optometrist?  You want to know how long the doctor has been practicing and their years of experience in treating particular conditions.

If you are considering a surgical procedure such as cataract surgery, LASIK or EPI-LASEK you want to know  how many of these procedures the doctor performs and how many years they have been doing this procedure.


Does the eye doctor have a good bedside manner?  It is important that your eye doctor spends the appropriate time to examine your eyes and to answer all of your questions.  Sometimes it is helpful to write down any questions before your appointment so you do not forget to ask a particular question.


You want to make sure that your ophthalmologist is board certified.  It may be helpful to learn more about your doctor such as where they went to medical school and did their residency training.  You can look for reviews for your doctor online also.


It is important to ensure the office staff is friendly and welcoming.  You want to ensure they are willing to assist with any insurance or prescription issues.  It is helpful to ask what days and hours the doctor is in the office and make sure it is convenient with your schedule.

You may want to ensure the office is close to your home or work.  Does the doctor usually run on time?  It is important to investigate how much time you can expect to wait for an average appointment.

Do you like your doctor?

It is important that you feel comfortable with your eye doctor and that they treat you with respect.  You want to make sure they are willing to listen to and address all of your concerns.  If you want to share how you choose the best eye doctor please leave a comment below.

Alaina Kronenberg, M.D.
Cataract Specialist
Comprehensive Ophthalmologist
Dearborn, Michigan 48126