Running in the Boston Marathon


I have always enjoyed running for exercise in my free time.  It allows me to keep fit and helps to relieve stress.   I have participated in several half marathons and shorter races for many years.  In the past few years I have enjoyed participating in marathons.  I just completed my third Boston marathon.

The marathon is a 26.2 mile running race.  Training for a marathon requires a lot of time and commitment.  The Boston marathon is on Patriots Day the third Monday in April.  It is a hilly race so it requires training for the race in hilly terrain.  It also requires training outside in the cold Michigan winter months!

The miles of running also can take their toll on your body!  It is always a challenge to avoid injuries during the training process.

Boston QualificationAlaina Kronenberg MD| Eye Surgery Institute| Boston Marathon

It is considered a privilege to participate in the Boston marathon.  For most runners it is the most prestigious marathon.  The race has been run since 1897 and it is one of the world’s oldest marathons.  Running in the marathon requires you to run a full marathon at a time that is qualifying.  The required time depends on your age and your sex.  Many runners aspire to qualify for the Boston marathon.  Most other marathons are “Boston qualifiers” where you can run that race with the goal of trying to qualify.

Participating in My Third Boston Marathon

On April 17, 2017 I had the privilege of participating in my third consecutive Boston marathon.  The excitement and enthusiasm at Boston is incredible.  The city of Boston comes alive with thousands of spectators offering incredible support and enthusiasm.  They are cheering you on for all 26.2 miles.  The race starts in Hopkinton and ends on Boylston Street in Boston.   The amazing energy and excitement makes me shiver as I made that last turn onto Boylston street with the finish line in view.  I was incredibly honored to complete my third Boston marathon!


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