How Do I Know if I Have a Cataract?

How Do I Know if I Have a Cataract?

Cataracts are best diagnosed with a comprehensive eye examinationDr. Stanley Grandon, Dr. Cindy Wang and I will ask you questions about the quality of your vision and your ability to perform normal daily tasks.  We will then perform an examination which will include checking your visual acuity, checking your glasses prescription and performing a slit lamp examination and a dilated fundus examination.  It is important to check for all possible eye conditions.

Most people develop  cataracts as they get older.  You do not need surgery until it is interfering with your day to day vision.  Surgery is recommended when the cataract is interfering with your day to day activities. You may experience difficulty driving especially at night or in the rain and bright sunlight.

What is Cataract Surgery?Cataract | Alaina Kronenberg MD | Eye Surgery Institute

Cataract surgery is an outpatient operation that removes the cloudy lens inside the eye and replaces it with a lens implant. The purpose of cataract surgery is to improve your overall vision.

Cataract surgery is a pain free procedure and usually takes about 15 minutes.  You will need to be at the surgical center for a few hours for the surgery.  In general, cataract surgery is a low risk operation with regards to your overall health.  There are risks of cataract surgery that I will discuss with you at the time of your evaluation.  You can expect to use drops in the eye for approximately 3 days prior and 1 month after the operation.  I perform cataract surgery on only one eye at a time.

At the time of your evaluation, I will discuss the various options for lens implants.  There are many choices of implants on the market and the best choice of an implant is different for each patient.

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