Cataract Surgery

What is a Cataract?

A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside your eye.  You will most likely develop a cataract as you age.  Cataracts can progress at different rates and they occur when the proteins inside the lens break down.  Most cataract develop gradually although there are some types of cataracts that can progress more rapidly.  It is the most common cause of vision loss as you age.

How do I Know if I have a Cataract?cataract | Alaina Kronenberg MD

You may have a cataract if your vision is blurry.  Other symptoms can include more difficulty seeing at night especially with driving and more light sensitivity.  Most cataracts develop gradually so you may not notice the gradual changes that occur over time.  Dr. Stanley Grandon, Dr. Cindy Wang and I can perform a comprehensive eye examination to determine the cause of your blurry vision.  We will check for all eye diseases during the examination.  If you feel the quality of your vision is limiting your daily activities especially driving you may be ready for cataract surgery.

Cataract Surgery

I perform cataract surgery at an outpatient surgical center in Dearborn, Michigan.  There typically is no pain.  At your evaluation for surgery, I will discuss the surgery in detail as well as review what to expect and the potential risks involved.  When I perform cataract surgery, I place an implant into your eye.  I will discuss the implant options at the time of your evaluation.  The options can vary depending on the health of your eye.  Some implants will correct only distance vision, others will also correct astigmatism and near vision.  I will personalize the discussion depending on your desires and the health of your eye.  I only perform surgery on one eye at a time.  You will need to come in to see me a few times the first month after the surgery for check ups.  Typically you can return to normal daily activities the next day.

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