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Why Are My Eyes Itchy and Red?

Ocular itching can be very uncomfortable, red and look unsightly.  Others may think you have an eye infection and be concerned that you are contagious.  They may be worried about being around you.  Your eyes may be watery and your vision may be blurry as well.  Eye allergies can be very uncomfortable.

The most common cause of both itching of the eyes and redness is ocular allergies.  Ocular allergies can be either seasonal, year round or associated with particular things you are allergic to such as an animal.

How Do I Treat Allergies In My Eyes?Eye allergies | Alaina Kronenberg MD | Eye Surgery Institute

It is important to have an eye examination to determine if your symptoms are from ocular allergies.  If at all possible, avoiding the allergen will help tremendously.  Most of the time this is not practical as many people are allergic to things wer are exposed to in our environment.

It is very helpful to treat before you are exposed to the allergen.  For example, if you have spring allergies it is advised to initiate allergy drops 2 weeks or so prior to the expected allergy season.

It is typically treated with allergy drops.  Most of the appropriate drops are given by a prescription, although there are a few good over the counter products as well.  Some of the prescription drops are once daily medications and the rest are dosed twice a day.  Cool compresses can be helpful.  Artificial tears can wash out allergies and also offer some relief.

If your symptoms are not improved with these remedies, Dr. Stanley Grandon, Dr. Cindy Wang and I can prescribe a short course of topical steroid eye drops.  This can offer quick relief.  It is important for you to be watched if you are taking steroid eye drops.

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