Cataract Evaluation

Cataract Evaluation

If you have been previously diagnosed with a cataract or if you feel you are experiencing blurry vision, a comprehensive eye examination is important.  The examination can determine if the cataract is the source of your visual complaints.  If the cataract is the source of your complaints, we can complete a cataract evaluation and discuss with you the option of cataract surgery.

Most people develop a cataract as they get older.  Cataract surgery is recommended when the cataract is interfering with your day to day activities.  Patients may experience difficulty driving especially at night or in the rain and bright sunlight.


A comprehensive eye examination involves checking your visual acuity, refracting to see if new eyeglasses can improve your vision, a slit lamp examination and a dilated examination.  Dr. Stanley Grandon and I will also take a comprehensive medical history.  This is done to assess for any conditions that would increase the risk of a problem during cataract surgery.

If  the cataract if the cause of your visual complaints, Dr. Stanley Grandon and I will discuss with you the risks and benefits of cataract surgery as part of the cataract evaluation.  We will take the time to discuss implant options with you.  For example, if you have astigmatism you may be a candidate for a toric implant to correct the astigmatism.  If you have a desire to be less dependent on glasses for near activities, you may be a candidate for a presbyopic implant that allows some vision for near and intermediate activities.

Scheduling Cataract Surgery

If you decide to schedule the cataract operation, we will take measurements to determine the implant type and power to use.  The entire cataract evaluation can take approximately 2 hours time.  You will read and sign informed consent paperwork.  Our surgical schedulers will provide prescriptions for drops to be used before and after cataract surgery.  They will go over all of the details of what to expect the day of your operation.  You will need to have a driver bring you to the Dearborn Surgical Center on the day of your surgery.

Alaina Kronenberg, M.D.
Cataract Specialist
Comprehensive Ophthalmologist
Dearborn, Michigan 48126

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