What to expect with cataract surgery

What to expect with Cataract Surgery

Now that you are ready to have cataract surgery what can you expect?

Cataract surgery is an outpatient operation often performed at ambulatory surgical centers.  Dr. Stanley Grandon and I perform ours at the Dearborn Surgical Center. cataract surgery

Preparation for Cataract Surgery

We ask you to instill drops for the 3 days prior to your surgical date.  One of the drops is an antibiotic and the other is an anti inflammatory drop.  You typically cannot eat or drink for several hours before the operation.  When you arrive at the Dearborn Surgical Center, we ask that you bring a driver with you.

When you arrive at the surgical center you will be asked to change into a gown.  You will receive medication to dilate the pupils and be seen by the anesthesia staff.  During the operation you will feel no pain.  You will receive sedation to make you comfortable.  In most cases, surgery is performed without a numbing injection.  Surgery usually takes less than 20 minutes.

After your Cataract Surgery

After your cataract surgery you can expect the vision to be a bit blurry as the eye heals and adjusts.  Most of the time cataract surgery does not require a bandage.  It is normal to feel a scratchy or foreign body sensation in the eye.  Dr. Stanley Grandon and I will have you continue the antibiotic drop, the anti inflammatory drop and we will add a steroid drop.  It is very important to continue to use these drops as directed after your operation for the eye to heal properly.

Post Op Visits

You can expect to come in for a check up to our office the day after your operation.  We ask you to bring your drops with you for that visit.  Most day to day activities can be resumed immediately.  You will then return to our office approximately one week after your operation and then at one month.  If necessary, we can perform surgery on your other eye 1-2 weeks after the first eye as long as the first eye is healing well.  A prescription for new glasses (if necessary) will be given at your one month post op visit.

Alaina Kronenberg, M.D.
Cataract Specialist
Comprehensive Ophthalmologist
Dearborn, Michigan 48126

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